Texo® Interiors

TEXO®, a prestressed textile panel, is a structural system patented by Tensoforma based on the use of a specific aluminium extruded profile frame and a textile membrane. The system is currently applied as a solar protection in the realization of textile facades, in the interior design of homes, exhibitions or commercial activities.


Sliding Doors

Customer: Studio Fragile - Arch. Mario Trimarchi

Project: Fragile - Milano (IT)

Place: Milano - Italy

Year: 2008

Technical details: Interior sliding doors using Texo® system

Louis Vuitton

Customer: Louis Vuitton

Project: H2O Corsico - Milano, Italy

Place: El Pluig, Valencia - Spain

Year: 2007

Technical details: Exterior installation using Texo® system

Coming Soon

Customer: Benetton

Project: Fabrica - Benetton, Castrette (TV) - Italy

Place: Triennale Milano - Itlay

Year: 2009

Technical details:  Interior installation using Texo® system


Customer: Yamaha Motor Racing

Project:  Vediproject, (BG) - Italy

Place: Grand Prix motorcycle circuits

Year: 2018

Technical details: Lamp design using TEXO® System

Les Yeaux Ouverts

Customer: Benetton

Project: Arch.Laurence Lebris - Centre Pompidou / Arch. Frida Doveil – Fragile

Place: Centre Pompidou, Paris - Triennale, Milan - Shanghai - Tokio

Year: 2007

Technical details:  Interior installation using Texo® system

America's Cup Base Lunarossa

Customer: Lunarossa

Project: Renzo Piano, RPBW

Place: Valencia – Spain

Year: 2005

Technical details: Interior shop using TEXO®System (panels with boat sails)